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Professional Website Design

Need a beautiful website for your start-up or established business? Our Professional Website Design service 

Phase 1: Free Discovery Workshop

We provide our customers with a free 2-3 hour discovery workshop. This is where all the relevant client stakeholders discuss things like: Project objectives, detailed requirements, prioritisation of work, key timelines and expected outcomes. This discovery workshop helps ensure we are fully aligned on your requirements and allows us to cost your project fairly and accurately. All prices we provide are fixed, so our customers never have to worry about requesting more budget!

Phase 2: Wireframing

Our UX/UI team will create initial wireframes to help our clients better visualise the end-product. Feedback at this stage is welcomed and encouraged. Once wireframes are signed off, phase 3 is initiated!

Phase 3: Design & Development

Our developers and design team work in parallel to translate the approved wireframes into the agreed functionality and beautiful design

Phase 4: Content Creation

As part of this phase our team will prepare and share drafts for all site copy and content. Here we work closely with our customers to ensure all site content is perfect and we allow for 3 revisions per 

Phase 5: Testing & Delivery

This is the final stage of the website design process. Once you are satisfied with the approved design, we start testing it for possible bugs. We check your website on its features, test it internally and on various devices and browsers to make sure nothing’s been missed.