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Wonderous is a boutique, full-service agency aimed at supporting successful entrepreneurs scale their businesses to the next level.
Our team uses cutting edge tech and design to bring your business visions to life.
Our goal is to deliver beautiful projects that make you say WOW!

Website and App Development

Our Services

At Wonderous we focus on a few core services that we are passionate about and highly experienced in!

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Website Design

Your website can and should be one of your biggest sources of revenue. It's what your competitors use everyday to attract, educate and funnel in and convert prospects into customers. 
Our experienced team of website designers, developers and account managers will work with your team to fully understand your requirements as well as advise you on what works and what doesn't.
We use the latest and most popular web development languages to ensure your website isn't just beautiful and functional, but also future proofed!
And we provide all the bells and whistles as standard e.g. premium asset procurement, beautiful copywriting, mobile and tablet optimisation, accessibility, security and premium hosting with Google Cloud Web Hosting.

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Mobile & Web Application Development

Our team have experience with successfully building enterprise-wide web and mobile applications for over 10+ years.
As part of this we will work with you to scope out your requirements and create a requirements document based on our discussions (there is no charge for this). Once this is approved by you, our team will provide you with a quote and timeline for development.
Our team can deliver your project following agile or waterfall delivery - whatever suits your team best. 
Our price-lock guarantee means if we ever go over our estimation, we foot the bill, so you never have to worry about the finance aspect of your project.

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Blogs, Social Media Posts and Email Marketing!

Most agencies focus on one or a few of these, so your content needs can get complicated and end up costing you much more than you had budgeted for. 
At Wonderous we cover all your content requirements to provide you with the content you need, at the prices you want.
Our team will work with yours to understand your content requirements and vision. And our content guarantee ensures your team only pay for content that gets published and meets our quality checklist!

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SEO and PPC campaigns on Social Media & Search Engines

At Wonderous, we believe that with great content comes great opportunity!
That's why we also provide our clients with support around organic and paid advertising, running marketing campaigns on social media e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter and more and A/B testing all campaigns in order to test what's working and what isn't so as to maximise your revenue and minimise your spend!
Naturally (and especially with SEO) these things can take time, so we provide you with a realistic timeframe from day one, so you can know what to realistically expect and measure results against that timeline.

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Limited time offer: Our 'WoW Package' is now 50% off for the first 10 customers only! You get it all with this package: Web design, SEO support for 12 months, Content Creation and Paid Ads Campaigns for maximum exposureCall us today for a no-obligation discussion

WOW Package 

Call us to discuss your project

Annual hosting fees of £150 to be paid from year 2 onwards

- 1 modern, fast, secure, beautifully designed custom Website based on your specific requirements
- 1-2 hours FREE discovery session to scope out your requirements in full
- 1-100 site pages (including profiles on each employee which don't count towards the total site pages)
- Mobile & Tablet Optimisation
- Premium images from Shutterstock or Adobe to make your site stand out!
- All you can eat custom graphic design for your website
- Setup on Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Ads
- Favicon setup
- Blog setup
- Newsletter subscription setup
- Custom pricing tables
- Cookie notification setup
- Links to your social media channels
- Support team with responses within 24hrs
- Data Privacy support from a certified data privacy professional 
- Content Creation for all your pages (excluding blogs - you get 12 of those in this package!)
- Publishing / distribution of all blogs across your social media channels for maximum exposure/impact
- 2x parallax scrolling effects
- Payments Integration with one of Stripe, PayPal, Klarna, Square (other payment integrations may be available upon request)
- integration with other key tools e.g. HotJar, calendly, tawkto / Live Chat, mailchimp, telegram
- 12x custom blogs (costs £2000 if purchased alone)
- 1x Paid Ads Campaign across Google, LinkedIn and Twitter (costs £2000 if purchased alone). Note: this does not include or cover your ad budget
- 1 year of continuous SEO Audit and optimisation
- 1 year of site maintenance
-Site test on desktop, mobile and tablet before handover
- Handover to your team so you can manage your new website with and without our help

Development Pro Plan

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Prices based on your requirements

Our team are happy to conduct a no-obligation, free discovery where we can spend between 1-3 hours scoping your requirements up in order to provide you with an accurate estimation.

Blog Posts

1 blog for £250 or Special offer 12 blogs for £2000 (save £1000)

Max word count per blog post is 1200 words

Cost includes the following:
- Scoping your requirements
-Technical research
-Trend analysis
-Blog writing
-Image procurement
-Editing each blog up to 3x based on your team's feedback
- SEO tagging/optimisation/keyword mapping 
- Publishing your blog for you once all is approved
- Analytics metrics provided monthly

Paid Ads Multi-Campaign

£2000 per campaign

1x multi-campaign across Google Ads, Twitter and LinkedIn
Cost does not include budget required to pay for Ads - please allow a minimum of £1000 per channel.

Cost includes the following:
=1x campaign with Google Ads, 1x campaign with LinkedIn, 1x campaign with Twitter
- 1hr consultation around your Paid Ads strategy
- Competitor analysis, competitor keyword analysis, competitor report
- Consultation around channels most suitable for your brand with rationale/evidence - Campaign building and management
- Liaison with google and LinkedIn account managers as needed for campaign optimisation
- A/B testing for campaigns where possible
 - Monthly reports on impact

SEO Boost

Monthly fixed fee of £2500

Pay monthly. Cancel before the 28th day of a month to avoid paying for the next month.We strongly recommend that we create your content as we cannot control SEO results as much if we don't control content.
Please note, SEO is not a task, it is a long-term strategy that requires between 6-24 months to really see results

Cost includes the following:
- 1hr consultation around our SEO Strategy and plan
- SEO Audit
- Keyword Research
- Competitor SEO Research
- Google search console and analytics tracking check
- Backlink analysis
- Link Building
- Monthly reports on impact 

Social Media Campaign

1 social media campaign for £700or12 campaigns for £7000 (save £1400)

Social media account required to support this. Same fee applies for Google Ads.
Cancel anytime, so if we only run 3 campaigns, we refund you the rest of your money. Campaigns 11 and 12 are free for customers that have paid in full for campaigns 1-10. Cost does not include budget required to pay for Ads - please allow a minimum of £2000 per channel.

Cost includes the following:
- 1hr consultation around our Social Media Marketing strategy
- Competitor analysis
- Consultation around channels most suitable for your brand with rationale/evidence - Campaign building and management
- A/B testing for campaigns where possible
 - Monthly reports on impact